Heidt's bruises come up in testimony

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SPRINGFIELD, GA (WTOC) - The double murder trial of Craig Heidt continues Wednesday. He's accused in the August 2008 fatal shooting of his father, Philip, and brother Carey. His mother, Linda, was shot, but survived.

It's expected that jurors will hear more from the defense in court Wednesday.  

Bruises discovered on Craig Heidt's upper arm are raising questions. On Tuesday, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Eugene Howard told jurors that a few days after the deadly shootings, Heidt was asked to come to their office so agents could take a look at his upper body.

"Prior to taking his shirt off in which became a pattern in the investigation, Craig started to explain away before he even took his shirt off that 'I fell yesterday,'" Howard said.

Heidt even re-enacted the fall for law enforcement officials, a video in court showed. He told agents that every one in the kitchen came running to see if he was OK. However, Cathy Heidt, who was at the house the day of his supposed fall, testified that she didn't remember it that way.  

"I heard a noise or a distant sound, but I remember looking towards the bathroom door and I remember just resuming conversation. It wasn't anything significant that I heard. Then we went on talking for a few minutes then the door to the bathroom opened. Craig said something about [him] falling," she said.

She said Craig Heidt then took them into the bathroom. She showed jurors how he re-enacted it for them.

But prosecutors aren't buying the story. Dr. Jaime Downs testified that the bruises on Craig Heidt's arm were a couple of days old and that the re-enactment doesn't make sense.

"If he does in fact slide with his right foot towards the cabinet. He magically does a 180-turn spontaneously," Downs said.

But Downs said the bruises are consistent with the bruises one would receive after firing a shotgun.

John Raft's wife, Rosalinna Raft, took the stand. John Raft is Robin Heidt's brother. He killed himself on September 14, 2010 at Robin Heidt's home. Rosalina Raft testified that they were in Charleston the night of the murders. She told the courtroom about a conversation she had with Craig Heidt one night after the murders. Craig Heidt was talking about moving with Robin and her children to North Georgia. She testified that Raft said to Craig, "if you get arrested leaving Robin in north Georgia, that wouldn't be good." She said Craig replied with, "if I'm going she's going with me."

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