Heidt defense calls brother, assistant to testify

SPRINGFIELD, GA (WTOC) - The state has protrayed Craig Heidt as a dead beat, a liar and murder over the course of the trial. On Wednesday, jurors got a different glimpse of the man on trial for the murder of his father and brother, Philip and Carey Heidt, and the shooting of his mother, Linda Heidt.

The defense started by calling Chris Heidt to the stand. Chris, the youngest of the Heidt brothers, told the jury that Craig Heidt did not commit the crimes. He said that police thought Craig had something to do with the murders within days of the investigation. He testified that police tried to convince him that Craig did it. He said that he tried to get Craig to give himself up if he had anything to do with what happened.

Philip Heidt's personal assistant, Joanne Reiser, told the jury that Philip loved all his sons the same. She also said there was a lot of tension within the family after the affair between Craig and Robin. She said Carey had been sleeping at the office for a while on an air mattress.

The defense also called Linda Heidt back to the stand and had her read a letter Philip wrote to Craig. The letter was never delivered.

While being questioned by the state, the defense's expert testified that there could have been two shooters in the home the night of the murders.

The state also pointed out that the defense's expert was listed as a witness. Before the expert even looked over the case, he was paid $2,000 to testify.

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