Lowcountry drivers upset over rising fuel prices

By Jaime Dailey - bio | email

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - The price of fuel is rising and drivers are really feeling the pain at the pump. "I think they're ridiculous, I think they need to go back down," said Jody Ledrew.

"I said of my God," said Joyce Watkis. " The price of gas is just too high, I can't even afford to buy gas anymore."

Around Beaufort, gasoline at $2.88, $2.90 and $2.92 a gallon, which is a far cry from prices just several days ago.

"The other day I paid $2.65 or $2.68 and its just jumped to $2.90," said Watkis. "I was surprised, really surprised such a big jump in a short time."

"They do this every holiday it goes up, and then they just keep making excuses, it's ridiculous," said Leah Bishop.

So why are they going up? According to AAA, November's poor economic news weakened the value of the U.S. dollar, pushing the crude oil cost up $5 to almost $90 dollars a barrel.

Many drivers say if these prices continue it's going to put a real damper on their holiday cheer.

"Its not good around Christmas," said Ledrew. "They could have waited at least until after Christmas."

For many drivers like Ledrew, more money spent at the pumps, means less money going towards holiday fun.

"You need gas to go everywhere so the higher is goes, the less places people go so we won't be going anywhere this Christmas, not with it being that much money," said Ledrew.

"We weren't really planning on traveling per say but I think it's definitely going to cut down on plans to see something, maybe going to Georgia or other towns for activities," said Bishop.

According to AAA, the National gas price average is $2.93. Georgia and South Carolina are both less with Georgia's average being $2.86 and South Carolina's at $2.79.

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