Closing arguments wrap up in Heidt trial

SPRINGFIELD, GA (WTOC) - Closing arguments wrapped up in the double murder trial of Craig Heidt. Craig Heidt is accused of killing of his father and brother, Philip and Carey Heidt, and shooting his mother, Linda Heidt. She survived.

The defense emphasized once again there is no substantial evidence that links Craig Heidt to the murders. They also focused on the bruises Craig Heidt had after the murders, saying they are not consistent with the prosecution's theory that they were received after firing a shotgun. They ended their closing argument by pointing to a letter Philip wrote to his son Craig, which showed the love and appreciation he had for his son.

The prosecution began its closing arguments saying there was no reason Craig would have left footprints or have DNA evidence on his person if he committed the crimes from a distance. The prosecution also referenced the letter saying it was never delivered and there was no evidence of reconciliation between Philip and his son.

The jury is expected to begin deliberations around sometime after 12 p.m.

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