Firefighters rescue boy from burning house

By Dal Cannady - bio | email

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Steven Morris and Chris Whitehead said Tuesday night was no ordinary shift. The two Statesboro firefighters were part of the team that rushed to Lydia Lane for a house fire around midnight. They quickly learned a 12-year-old boy was still inside.

"They advised us the victim was probably still in his bedroom and we started our search there," said Morris.

"Anybody being there at all makes it extra ordinary but when they say its a child, that steps the adrenaline up a little more," added Whitehead.

They searched through flames in several rooms before they found Milik Smith in his parents' bedroom. Fortunately for everyone, neighbors saw and reported the fire even before the family woke.

The neighbor across the street called 911 when she was awakened by a plastic Christmas yard decoration exploding from the heat of the fire.

The men now wait for updates as Smith recovers.

"It's not the everday call we deal with but it's one of those things where everything you'd worked on, trained for but prayed you'd never face happens and it all kicks in," Whitehead described.

Both men hope it's a long time before they face this challenge again.

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