GSU offers ecofriendly gift ideas

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) – Georgia Southern University's Office of Sustainability offer its top environmentally friendly gifts for this year.

"As a nation, we have become much more environmentally conscious, and there are so many ways we can extend our 'green' routine into the realm of giving," said Sustainability Director Lissa Leege, in a statement. "It's so easy to give back to the Earth. You don't have to overlook the recipient's desires; just try to purchase from companies that protect the environment, consider a product's waste output, and give experiences or items that can be reused or recycled."

Leege's top 10 gift ideas:

  • Give experiences instead of stuff.  Anything that reduces waste and clutter such as concert tickets, a week of making dinner, a coupon booklet for backrubs.
  • Consider green technology. Give that special someone a wireless reading device, such as a Kindle, or the new Sony Elm -- a smart phone made from recycled plastic.
  • Put together a canvas bag of personalized environmentally friendly items, such as a travel mug, a reusable water bottle and an organic pillow case.
  • Couples, go practical for your home. Give an inexpensive low-flow showerhead to cut water bills in half and reduce water waste; purchase lights with automatic shut-off, replace your old thermostat with a programmable, energy-saving version, or invest in a scanner to cut back on clutter and manage your bills/files electronically.
  • Give gifts that are built to last.  For example, wooden toys could likely outlast plastic toys.
  • Consider purchasing organic or recycled cotton clothing to avoid the intensive pesticides required for conventional cotton production.
  • Try to buy locally made products as much as possible to avoid transportation costs and emissions.
  • Instead of giving flowers, plant a tree together.
  • Even fashion accessories can be ecofriendly. Solar powered watches offer style and sustainability. Many companies now offer earth-friendly lines of shoes, bags and other accessories.
  • Be charitable. Make a donation to his or her favorite non-profit organization.

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