Roses for the Troops

There's a different kind of reward for Third ID troops returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom. More of them landed in Savannah last night, and the same group of women who sent them off to war with care packages is welcoming them home with goodies for the whole family. Southern Smiles is making that possible by giving the soldiers gifts--red roses--to give to their families when they return.

"We came up with giving the men flowers when they got off the plane so that they could write out a card and give them to their wives or loved ones when they got to Fort Stewart," explained Van Robbins of Southern Smiles.

Last night was the first time the ladies did this and the idea quickly caught on among the soldiers.

"You get one or two started and it's like stampede to get to the flowers," said organizer Lynda Long.

And the soldiers' loved ones really appreciate it.

"I got a couple of emails yesterday that said you were the first one to hug my husband, thank you!" Robbins told us.

The ladies at Southern Smiles plan to do this each time the troops return. They say it is sort of like a first date because the first thing the soldiers do when they get off the plane is put on cologne and then show up to meet their loved ones with a flower.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,