Two Die in Apparent Overdoses

It was a shocking discovery for a Low Country man. He was out looking for his friends and found them dead. He discovered the two men in a car in a parking lot on Beach City Road on Hilton Head. Investigators believe 35-year-old Craig Lahue and the other man died from drug overdoses. Beaufort County coroner Curt Copeland says there doesn't appear to be foul play involved. But he's not saying anything definite yet.

"Toxicology sometimes takes a number of days and I'd imagine that it's going to be a toxicology-dependant cause of death, so, it could be days before we have a definitive cause of death," he said.

Lahue owned the car they were found in, although he was in the back seat when they were discovered.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,