Coming up on THE News at Daybreak: Man found shot to death in Long Co.

Authorities are investigating after a man was shot and killed outside a Long County mobile home park last night. We'll tell you how it all went down.

A 4-month old child remains in the hospital after being beaten by a 9-year old at a Garden City home. Hear what Police Chief David Lyons is saying about the case.

South Carolina's medicaid program is running $228 million dollars short. Now a number of organizations could be affected.

The head of a panel studying an overhaul of Georgia's tax code says the state should change its tax system, but he doesn't think a key tax should be raised. This morning, we'll tell you what that is.

Also - Christmas is just around the corner and if you're like most, the oven is going to be baking non-stop. Our Lynda Figueredo will be live at Baker's Pride, showing you what they're doing for the holidays.

And - Temperatures are bottoming out in the low 20s. Will that stay the same or will we get a break from the cold. Meteorologist Dave Turley will have your exclusive Doppler Max 11 forecast.

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