Editorial feedback: 12/13/10

What about our two-faced government? They can remove the Ten Commandments from a courthouse because of separation of church and state. That i understand,but do not like.Then explain how a Christmas tree is allowed in the White house.Do as i say,not as i do?

William T. Burke III
Reidsville, Ga.

Enter your feedback here:: I am so glad that I am not one of those chronically-angry mentioned in your 12-13-10 editorial.

On the contrary, I am one of those joyful, happy, thankful, redeemed Christians who celebrates the birthday of my God, Creator, Redeemer, Savior and friend and His name is JESUS !!

He saved me. He redeemed me. He justified me ....and ....no one else can do that !!

My future is secure and my hope is built on nothing less. I'm headed for a pain-free, crime-free, worry-free, hate-free, politician-free, debt-free, funeral parlor free eternity.

I even have my ticket already. Do you ?  MERRY   CHRIST-MAS .

ALL others, who are offended by this, stick around and find out what happens after God's funeral.

Guaranteed you won't like it !!!

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA

Bill, just a word of thanks for saying what most folks want to hear.  I'm a loss as to how we can turn this ship around, short of a baseball bat against some heads.  Keep up the great work, Merry Christmas.  Earl and Patty Woods(now retired from Savannah Electric in the "Boro".

Earl T Woods
Statesboro, GA