Governor Sanford makes stop in Beaufort

By Jaime Dailey - bio | email

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - "We've seen the largest single investment in South Carolina history with the Boeing announcement and then there have been a whole host of other things," said Governor Mark Sanford as he addressed members of the Beaufort Rotary Club on Wednesday afternoon. "We've seen more land set aside during this governorship than another other in South Carolina history."

With less than a month before leaving office, Governor Sanford gave his last civic talk at the Beaufort Rotary Club.

"I wanted to come here both symbolically and the practical level to say thank you for all you have done," said Governor Sanford.

He says he intentionally made this his last stop here.

"Beaufort is where I grew up, Governor Sanford. "I graduated high school here. A lot of the experiences that have made me, me came from the relationships in this room and the experiences outside this room."

"This is his home club, the Rotary Club of Beaufort and it was nice of him to return and make his speech," said Larry Roland.

"It means a lot to our club that he would come and visit as he winds up," said John Ballantyne.

Now it's time for the Governor to look forward.

"I don't have any plans at this point," said Governor Sanford. "I wanted to run all the way to the finish line with the job at hand. For me that ends on January 12th and then drive East and figure out what I"I'll do next, some combination of Beaufort and Charleston County.

But will politics be in his future?

"A number of people have been kind enough to suggest possibilities on that front," said Governor Sanford. "I don't have any plans in that direction right now. I was doing real estate before, I think likely default for me is going back to real estate."

So for now, we'll all just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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