Editorial Salute - December 16

This week, saluting two terrific organizations.  First, the Gold Star Wives of America.  With sacrifices first officially recognized by Congress during the Second World War, for those spouses of military members, from all five branches, who've perished on active duty or due to service-related causes, from the 1940's to the present, this organization has provided support and a legislative voice for loved ones left behind.  By Senate Resolution, Friday, December 18th, has been designated as the first annual Gold Star Wives Day, now a lasting tribute to the spouses who become sole-care-givers for their families at home during deployments, and then, courageously, must move forward alone, when service to nation and freedom brings loss.  In recognition, our sincere thanks and appreciation for your sacrifice to our Gold Star Wives, and to all those who also serve, the ultimate force-multiplier, America's great military spouses and families.

And a salute, as well, to the Savannah Christian Preparatory School football team for the kind of hard-fought grid-iron season that took you to the state championships in Atlanta for the second consecutive year.  This, in itself, is a sensational accomplishment.  Congratulations to the Savannah Christian team members, coaches, cheer-leaders, flag team and band, as well as school administrators, teachers, parents and all other supporters of Savannah Christian, for another terrific winning season.  Yet again, you've made Savannah, and our region, very proud.