Goble Addresses Rotary Club

Lt. Col. Jeff Goble
Lt. Col. Jeff Goble

The new garrison commander at Hunter Army Airfield, Lt. Col. Jeff Goble, spoke at at the Savannah Rotary Club's luncheon this afternoon. Before taking the job in Savannah, Goble was involved in Army special operations. Today he explained the purpose and typical operations of the highly trained special forces. He couldn't give too many details, but he did say one reason why he gives speeches is to let the American people know that the military is still active in the war on terrorism.

"I think we have a responsibility to let the American public know that we are out there accomplishing the mission that the American people have given us," Lt. Col. Goble said.

Goble arrived in Savannah about six weeks ago.

Reported by: Grace Bohnhoff