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Remembering the Magic!

What will you and your kids remember about this summer's adventures? For many, it'll include something to do with Disney, our giant theme park neighbor a few hours south. But on the Internet, we're going to Disney World, of decades ago and dreams.

"Forgotten Disney...The Lost Legacy " is a glimpse of the future that is now gone, and in some cases, never was. It's a quirky site, with too many pop- up ads, so surf carefully. It's not updated too often, but I wanted to give you a look since it might spark some memories of your first family vacations to Disney World. Start with "Forgotten Worlds" a look back at the rides that used to be, including a view of The Magic Kingdom's Main Street, with nothing but water and woods in the background. Things have changed a bit.

The author tells stories about his childhood visits to Disney, in particular the things that just aren't around anymore. He misses them. There's another section on rides you can't miss, 'cause Disney never built them. At least not as originally planned. You will see some similarities in things they had on the drawing board, and things that turned up in other forms and places, like a west coast version of Epcot that mutated into California Adventure, Disney's newest park. If the words, often misspelled, and pictures, some small and dark aren't enough to spark memories, there's music, including some songs from rides and shows long gone, like "Making Memories" that you used to hear before you walked into Michael Jackson's 3-D movie, long since replaced by "Honey I Shrunk the Audience."

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