Coming up on THE News at Daybreak: Fire destroys Long Co. home

A Long County home goes up in flames while the owner is away on vacation. Hear the latest on the investigation this morning.

Also - A Savannah church is rebuilding 14 months after it was set on fire. We'll show what big step they just made it.

U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina says the senate is taking the wrong approach as the clock ticks down on the lame duck session. We'll let you hear why, this morning.

Vice President Joe Biden is talking about the U.S. plan to have all troops out of Afghanistan by 2014.

South Carolina lawmakers will debate a bill that will make it illegal to "sext." We'll tell you what supporters want changed.

Georgia's HOPE scholarship is facing some major budget issues. Hear why students could soon be paying much more for textbooks.

And - It's cold and it has been cold! But will temperatures stay below the freezing mark. Jamie Durden will be here to fill us in.

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