Sanford Tours MCAS

They're getting ready for another round of base closures. but losing Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort would cost the low country millions. That's why the governor's on guard to defend it.

Governor Mark Sanford and his Base Realignment and Closure Committee toured Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort as part of the state's effort to protect the bases from the next round of BRAC. " If you look at the work that's been done by soldiers at this base in the latest Gulf War, Afghanistan, in being trained and ready for any challenge that may come this country's way, they do a phenomenal job and what our job is as BRAC members is to help that local community to tell their story, said the governor. But there's more to that story. The Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort's Commanding Officer, Colonel Harmon Stockwell said "Beaufort and the low country are unique in that it's relationship the community has with it's bases.  We're all one family and I think it's important he sees that." That's something that could be very beneficial. "Phenomenal community support its been talked about it's very important because it's one of the things BRAC looks at," Governor Sanford said.

In order to protect the bases, the state is allocating 200-thousand dollars to local bases. 50-thousand dollars will stay within the Tri-Command. In fact the Chamber of Commerce's Military Enhancement committee is using the money to help fund an base impact study and educate the public on the importance of the base. The new direct economic impact study revealed the bases pump 454 million dollars into the local economy each year.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,