Editorial - 12/20/10

Last week, Fed Reserve examiners visited a small community bank in Oklahoma, and discovered a serious problem.  Not monetary, the bank was sound.  Much worse.  On their website, a daily Bible verse was posted, and bank staff wore  buttons with the words Christmas and God.  Fed Reserve regs forbid words or symbols that may imply discrimination or, (quote) "a policy of exclusion."  With over 80% of us believing in God, and just 8% not observing Christmas, this is still more tradition-wrecking, pandering to the few, by the Big-Foot Feds. Discrimination? This bureaucratic-stupidity clearly did so, against Christians, rightly angering customers. Oklahoma's two Senators agreed, sent a stinging letter to the Fed chairman, and the ban was reversed.

Oklahoma Senator Inhofe also refused to participate in Tulsa's annual "Christmas Parade of Lights," because PC-itis forced the word "Christmas" out of the title. The robotic excuse: diverse community; sensitivity to cultures.  Stop the manure wagon.  Enough of this arrogant, thin-skinned, foolishness.  For the distinct minority, who don't acknowledge the loving God, put a sock in it, and practice some of that tolerance you preach. The words diverse, sensitive, and offend should be blasted into space aboard our last Shuttle flight. Stop hammering our differences. We citizens aren't diverse.  We're Americans. That's what really matters. We're one.  And, confronted by a dangerous world, we need to start acting like it, focusing our energies, not on Christmas buttons, but on critical, big-boy-and-girl needs, like bolstering our great-nation's security, and financial well-being.  Restoring our eroding freedoms, and protecting your family's future.