Global Terrorism

With the death of Saddam Hussein's sons, Odai and Qusai, WTOC talked with local Middle East expert Jack Shaheen about the effect of the deaths on global terrorism. When asked if we should celebrate the deaths Shaheen said, "Yes, to some extent, but it should be a minor celebration and we should put the celebration in perspective. Saddam Hussein is still alive and there are still pockets of resistance, killing American soldiers almost daily. There is no quick fix in Iraq."

After taking two sabbaticals to the Middle East and writing four books, Jack Shaheen knows what makes the region tick. He knows there's still a long road ahead to a stabilized Iraq, saying, "The problem now is and will continue to be, gaining the trust of the Iraqi people." But at this point he feels there is an anti-American sentiment and that the UN needs to make a visible presence.

"Just seeing different men and women from there countries alters the map; the perception map," he said. "The sooner we do that, the closer we are to stabilization."

Capturing Saddam Hussein could help in getting closer to stabilization as well. "I think with the death of Saddam's sons, I think there will be more Iraqis to step forward and hopefully blow the whistle on Saddam and others," Shaheen said.

As for convincing Iraqis that the dictatorship is finally over and freedom is there to stay, Shaheen feels getting to that point will take "time, patience, persistence, faith and a tremendous amount of money."

Reported by: Holly Bristow,