Group donates bikes to children

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Santa's helpers with the Optimists Club unloaded a truck filled with refurbished bikes.

They lined these once discarded or forgotten bicycles up to pass out to various charities Monday at the St. Mary's Community Center. The Optimists Club has been taking the bikes in for the past 16 years. They said they pass out anywhere from 200 to 500 bicycles a year and they keep doing it because it just makes them feel good.

"I just love to do it. It makes you feel good," said Jim Lynes. "I think they enjoy them when they get them. some of them have never had one, and you see their eyes get big when they get them and they enjoy it," said Jim Lynes.

The first two bikes were handed out to two youngsters who helped with unloading the bikes.

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