Eight apartments damaged in Waters Ave. fire

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah firefighters battled through smoke and flames and pulled at least two people to safety Tuesday at the 8000 Waters Apartments off Waters Avenue.

In all, eight apartments were damaged by fire, smoke, or water leaving 19 people without a place to call home.

"A lady come out of her apartment. Talking about how she needed to dial 911 to be called. I immediately dialed 911 and asked her what the problem was and she said that the heating element had been replaced at her apartment complex, and it was creating a lot of smoke," said Lee Walls.

There is no word on any injuries.

Disaster Action Team members of the Savannah Red Cross were at the scene helping 19 residents. The displaced residents are being housed and assisted by the 10-member team of the Red Cross, according to the organization. The apartment manager said they'll start work on fixing the damaged apartments on Wednesday.

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