Editorial - December 27,2010

Very soon now, the hoped-for return to D.C. of sanity, responsibility, Constitutionality, and common sense, allowing the two-year murky, nationwide floodwaters, from Lake Bravo Sierra, to recede.  November 2nd marked a voter-led push-back against the socialist juggernaut, bowling-over freedom's traditions, toward the goal of a massive, strangulating, centralization of government control, that would've made Marx, Lenin and their obedient-successors beam with fake proletariat pride.

These years began with an international Put-Down-America tour; then a misguided stimulus program, stimulating only greater debt, favored patrons and government expansion, while private sector employment tanked.  Then take-overs of the financial sector, student loans, and most of domestic auto,  shuttering long-term, family-owned dealerships in the process.  Leading to the legislative-heist of America's premier healthcare system, in favor of Big-Foot-Fed control, aimed at driving private insurers under.  And concluding by suing one of our own states, while approving a flawed nuclear reduction treaty, setting-off high-fives and snickers in Russia.

Big-city media-puppets said this was the most productive Congress since the 1960's.  More like, the most destructive, between far greater deficits and debt, bulging central government, diminished private sector, and a House Speaker remembered by her healthcare legislation line: "We have to pass it to see what's in it," just one of the 2,000-page bills, which by design, no one had time to read. Two very painful years of dread, fear and uncertainty, at the cost of liberty and livelihoods. May these next two begin the restoration of America, with real hope, for a change.