Red Cross Aids Flood Victims

Some Savannah residents are still cleaning up after yesterday's flooding. On Hall Street, the flood waters literally forced one woman out of her home. Thursday's heavy rain turned Sylvia Demery's backyard into a lake and her home into a disaster. After grabbing her grandchildren, she and her daughter made it out safely, as the floodwaters made their way in. A day later, she's faced with cleaning up the mess. This is the second time she's been flooded out.

"I'm thinking about just giving up," she said. "Just shut the house up and go somewhere."

The floor in Demery's home has been heavily damaged by water. You can see where some of the flooring has peeled away and the boards underneath are still damp. The American Red Cross is helping her assess the damage.

"That water was so high, it just started coming in the house. So, I panicked," recalled Demery. "I grabbed my grandbaby and my daughter grabbed one and we just floated out there in the backyard, with all that water, and went to my neighbor's house."

Today, the power company tried to turn her electricity back on, and Demery had another stroke of bad luck. Water has damaged the electrical outlets. Now Demery is really discouraged.

"Sometimes I just want to cry because ain't nothing going right," she said.

Demery stayed in a hotel last night. But, she's not sure she wants to live in her house anymore. The Red Cross is trying to help families like hers. If you want to help, contact our local Red Cross by calling 651.5309 or visiting them online.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,