Hometown Hero--Ellen Seiders

Ellen Seiders
Ellen Seiders

Ellen Seiders is a Hinesville business owner who donated her time, money and supplies for our troops. Her business has made buttons for military wives and their families.

"We had some FRG leaders come in getting ready to do their first rally and nobody in town made buttons," she said.

Ellen had a button making machine overnighted to her Lazerquick printing business. Along with military wives as volunteers, Ellen made thousands of personalized buttons with the first three free for each family.

"It was encouraging to come here full of military wives supporting each other making buttons, it was a common bond," military wife Patty Martirosian said.

Ellen is a military wife herself. Her husband served in the first Gulf War, but he died from a service-related illness in 1997.

"The support my children and received, we could never repay that kind of support," she said. "Here was an opportunity to give back what we received."

"She's an army wife, she knows first hand what we're going through, she's very compassionate," said Patty. And fellow military wife Lisa Cebolla added, "It meant a lot to me, but I think it meant more to my kids. They've worn this button to school every day. Their father is back back a week, he saw this button and it meant a lot to him."

Ellen says when they were making the buttons, it was a great experience bonding with the military wives, whose husbands are serving in Iraq, but she says now it's even better because now she gets to meet the person, instead of just seeing the face.

"They've taken the time to stop in, their wife says you've done this, I want to thank you," said Ellen. "I didn't expect that. They are all heroes, every single one, they are all heroes."

Ellen Seiders, this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla, mcihla@wtoc.com