The Red Cross and U.S.O Join Forces to Welcome Home Troops

Volunteers from the Red Cross and the U.S.O. --United Service Organization are preparing for a bunch of soldiers returning from the Middle East.

"When they leave you see the get on that plane, you get a lump in your throat. And now they're back, you get to swallow," said U.S.O volunteer Bob Miller.

And along with a smile and welcome home...comes coffee, Krispy Kreme donuts and some home made Brownies. The USO and the Red Cross have been at Hunter to say goodbye and send each soldier on there way with a goodie bag, and to say hello was each flight returns. Betty Haldeman has made more than ten thousand brownies made with a secret ingredient, and soldiers have showed their appreciation.

"He said he didn't want a brownie but that I deserve wings," said U.S.O volunteer Betty Halderman.

So a soldier cut them off his uniform and gave them to her. Soldiers have been showing their appreciation in different ways. Many through hugs.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,