Fort Stewart Says Goodbye

Some big changes for the troops at Fort commanders. Brigadier Generals Lloyd Austin and Lousi Weber, both Assistant division Commanders are moving on to new posts in the Army. Yesterday friends, family, and fellow soldiers said a ceremonial goodbye at the Post Officers Club. Both men served in Operation Iraqi freedom. General Weber just got back this week. This is the General's second tour at Fort Stewart. He's had little time to enjoy the community..but appreciates the support.

"I'm going miss the opportunity I didn't have finally to spend more time with the people the great people of Savannah. It's a regret. Unfortunately there's not much I could've done about it," said General Weber.

General Weber is moving on to Fort Meyer, Virginia. General Austin is taking over as Commanding General of the Tenth Mountain Division in New York State. Brigadier General Jose Riojas is coming to Fort Stewart as the new Assistant Division Commander. His last post was executive officer to the Army Chief of Staff.