Editorial - 01/03/11

May The Restoration Begin

Mercifully, the frustrating and frightening two-year Administrative and Congressional dictatorship, that freedom-preferring Americans have endured, should now be close to an end, and certainly so in two-more years, when  voters can, again, hit the handle and flush the remaining America-is-evil, elite-royals, toward restoring our nation's respect and rightful world-standing. Re-instating our Constitution, and the rule of law, now purposely ignored.  A welcome return to American pride, strength and exceptionalism.

Until then, this new Congress faces a tough agenda to undo, and forward-shield us, from the destructive-body-blows to the very core of this great, free nation.  And don't be fooled by new, disingenuous offers of bipartisanship,  non-existent while the Imperial Administration was still in public-be-damned, cram-down-mode, shunning all but leftist input, until forced from the mountain-top, minus the tablets, by voters who weren't as lemming-dumb, as they were encouraged to become in 2008, by the relentless, steam-rolling propaganda of the journalistic-turn-coating, big-media.

New House leadership intends to begin this session with a full-reading of the U.S. Constitution, a laudable review for most; intellectual water-boarding for others. But more than Constitutional adherence, for Congress, whose approval-ratings have justifiably-tanked, a hefty dose of honesty, America-first thinking, and listening to constituents, then actually representing them, will also be required.  Said writer Geoffrey Norman: "There are those in Washington who don't understand why so many citizens hate Washington.  (Simple, really.)  It's because Washington started hating them first."   May the restoration of trust, respect and common sense, finally, now, begin anew.