Honoring the 50th Anniversary of Korean War Armistice

Many call it the forgotten war, but the American soldiers who fought in the Korean war remember it as a war where more than 30,000 of their fellow comrades were lost, a war where hundreds of soldiers went missing in action.

"We had almost 16 million men and then we come home and we were hardly have a million," said Korean war vet, Col. Jamie Hendrix.

With three years of combat and millions in casualties from both sides, an armistice was signed 50 years ago ending combat, but for Korean war veterans the memories of heroism and hardships during those years are still crystal clear.

"There was lots of heroism. We had rocket launchers that just bounced off the North Korean tanks, that's how bad we were,", said Korean vet, Lt. Gen. Donald Rosenblum.

And while many of our heroes were fighting in the so-called forgotten war, their efforts at the time were just that...forgotten.

"Unless your son, brother or someone was over there people really didn't give a damn, they were tired of it. Well, for those of us still there it was a war. We still had men dying, we still had men wounded, continued Rosenblum.

Now five decades later, soldiers from around the world gathered in Korea where the cease fire was signed. But with North Korea now threatening nuclear war and abandoning the treaty signed 50 years ago, many veterans feel their hard work and sacrifice will be undone.

As the world commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Armistice that ended fighting in the Korean war, many veterans hope America doesn't have to fight that war again.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com