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Guardian Angels Graduate

They came to Savannah months ago and now the Guardian Angels will be patrolling the streets.

If you are not familiar with the Guardian Angels, you will be. Starting today, new Guardian Angel graduates will be adorned with their famous red berets will be walking the streets with their eyes wide open, watching for anybody who gets out of line. "The big difference between the Guardian Angels and Block Watch or Crime Watch is that we will actively and physically get involved. If you just had your pocket book snatched, my job is to protect you, go out and get those rascals, those yahoo's responsible for snatching your purse and hold them until the police arrive," said Guardian Angels founder, Curtis Sliwa.

Despite the risk involved, these are local citizens tired of people in their neighborhoods committing crimes. Even though only ten members strong, they feel their small presence is a big step in the right direction. Graduate Bill McIntyer said, "Maybe when we get more people to join up and we have a decent size chapter that we will be out in the neighborhoods and see those people and be able to be out there in full force where the community sees us and they wont be like,"Are you still here?" Well yeah were still here but there's only ten of us. So it's kind of hard to be everywhere." "Guardian Angels go out with no weapons, no special powers or privileges, risking their own lives, sometimes having been killed or seriously injured to pro-actively protect people," Sliwa continued.

After months of training in self defense, first aid, cultural and police relations, these new graduates are ready to do what ever it takes to put an end to crime. "It's not just to be eyes and ears, it's also to be proactive and let the criminals know that they just can't assume they have the right to be able to jostle and hassle or commit crime in the community," said Sliwa.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,

For more information on Guardian Angels log on to their website at and click on the Savannah Chapter link.  You can also contact the Savannah Chapter leader Norman Wipple at 429-0962.

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