Mega Millions $330M drawing Tuesday

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Mega Millions rolled over again this past weekend and is now up to $330 million.

Even though the drawing isn't until Tuesday night, many are getting their tickets early.

For Jennifer Iwanski, it's the $330 Mega Millions sign that drove her right into a Shell gas station to play the lottery.

"I pass it every morning on the way to work," said Iwanski.

She had a dollar and figured since it has only a dollar, it's worth taking a chance that could bring her millions.

"I figured why not? I have the money so," said Iwanski.

And if she won?

"I would pay off my bills, buy a car, house for my mom and dad and maybe take a vacation a cruise," said Iwanski.

"Being from Detroit where the economy is so horrible, everyone will put in an extra $2 in scratchoff hoping they win extra $35, $50 or $100 because it is so bad up there. People are always dreaming they win something," said Iwanski.

For Emory Yant, he plays Mega Millions every week.

"I have five sets of numbers that are the same ones I play week in and week out, both on Tuesday and Friday night drawing. The most I've won is $50, but one of these days it will happen," said Yant.

Yant isn't the only one who's feeling this could be it. Lots of people are coming in a day early to get their tickets, hoping to beat the long lines.

Someone, somewhere could have one big smile on their face after Tuesday night's drawing.

The drawing is 11 p.m. Tuesday. Ticketholders who match all five white ball numbers, along with the Mega Ball number, could win $12.6 million a year for 26 years or lump sum cash option of $208 million.

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