Coming up on THE News at Daybreak: Firefighters make quick work of big fire

Quick work by firefighters kept a fire from spreading in one Chatham County neighborhood. We'll show you what they went up against this morning.

A former high school basketball star is in the hospital after police say she was shot while trying to rob a man Sunday night. Hear from her former coach this morning on THE News.

Plus - South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is on his farewell tour. We'll show you where he plans to stop as his criss-crosses the state.

Also - the South Carolina legislator is getting ready to head back into session. We'll show you some of the topics they'll be discussing.

Do you feel lucky? The Mega Millions jackpot is up to $330 million and the next drawing is tonight! Hear what folks are saying about their chances.

And - Where will temperatures head as we continue into the first week of 2011? Meteorologist Dave Turley will be along with your exclusive Doppler Max 11 forecast.

Plus - what will the roads look like for your morning commute? Our traffic guru Mark Robertson will be here to tell us and try again to stump Mike, Jenn & Dave.

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