Editorial feedback: 12/27/10

I am certainly looking forward to some common sense in D.C., mentioned in your 12-27 editorial.

The days of one-sided dealings and treaties, arrogance and dishonesty are hopefully over and REAL CHANGE is coming.

I must admit, I'm surprised about the tea party. Without them there would have been nothing like what we see now.

Thank you !!!

Thank you !!!

Without this November change it would have looked very bleek indeed.

YES, Bush wasn't perfect, YES, we need health reform, YES, we are drowning in debt, YES, we are on the wrong track....BUT, thank God we are a Constitutional Republic. Let's remember these two aweful years and move forward, speedily and lawfully.

Whoever comes up with more 2000 page garbage throw'em out, regardless of party.

Let us re-store God and country, in that order.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA