Editorial feedback: 01/03/10

I have been watching WTOC just about all my news watching days and that 01/03/2011 editorial bout did it for me. Knock Obama from the mountain top you figure out the connection, yall can't be that ignorant down there at the station. Who voted him spokesman for Savannah The Tea Party.

Joseph Simmons
Savannah, GA

This was one of the reasons I cannot call myself a Republican. I long for the day of rational and fair discourse. This rant against our president and congress is what causes people to run away from our political system. So sad! Reason and fairness may eventually return when educated people can find a way to rationally express themselves.

Chuck Dvorak
Bluffton, SC

Mr. Catcart. In your 01-03-11 editorial I do agree with most of your opinions, however, I want to remind you that Mr. Obamas approval holds steady at app. 45 % and higher.

I am greatful for the way things are going - right now. The possibility exists that it won't end in two years.

Let's first see if the new people in the House are truly keeping their promises. Then there is still the 48% who feed of the government.

Only two percent can tip the scale. We've (well, not all) been told for too many years that government is the solution.

Whatever is coming it's going to hurt if we change now. That's o.k.

However if we keep on going (not only the next two but six years) it will really, really hurt.

Let's bring the tablets back from the mountain top.

Let's return to justice and righteousness.

Let's bring the honor of the family back.

Let's bring the Constitution back.

Let's bring GOD and prayer back !!!

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5:16)

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA