New iPhone app monitors heart, could save lives

OKLAHOMA CITY (CNN) - An Oklahoma City doctor has shown how big his own heart is by developing an iPhone app that helps monitor the hearts of his patients.

Thanks to Dr. David Albert, who developed a device that snaps onto the iPhone, staying on top of your health just became easier.

Albert said this device and application could revolutionize healthcare because of the benefit that it can fit in your pocket.

The device works like an ECG with two silver electrodes on the back, which allows someone to place the device directly onto their chest or another person's.

The mobile connectivity of the device is what Albert said is the most revolutionary part of the device.

"A patient can transmit their own electric cardiogram to a healthcare provider, to a physician or to a critical care nurse," Albert said.

Albert hopes the device will be on the market by April and at a cost less than $100.

The application will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this weekend.

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