Higher utility bills could continue with lower temps

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Extreme temperatures led to costly power bills last year. Now Georgians are hoping they won't see a repeat in 2011.

South Georgia experienced one of the coldest winters and the hottest summer on record in 2010. Utility companies say those extreme temperatures play a big role in big power bills than rate increases. They say customers need to pay attention to things they can control such as the temperature on the thermostat.

"When it's 50 degrees outside even if you have your thermostat on 68 your heat is going to run almost all day, certainly, all night. So anything that you can do to cut back on your usage is going to benefit you," said Sunny Cochran of Mitchell EMC Energy Services.

The Climate Prediction Center expects below average temperatures in January so that means higher utility bills.

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