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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Losing weight and getting in shape have to be among the top new year's resolutions. Whether you keep that commitment is anybody's guess, but here's a new exercise craze that has people of all ages doing something very different. It's only my favorite thing. It's called TRX Suspension Training.

It has me feeling pretty healthy and strong these days just like my favorite superhero"Wonder Woman." I feel like such a pioneer. Susanne Ridgeway, TRX trainer and owner of Melt Body Mind Studio, named a TRX move after me and taught it to me weeks before anyone did it in class. It's part of TRX suspension training. The fitness craze was created by a Navy Seal who needed to keep his men in shape after they got stuck in the field without a gym.

"The platoon leader took a parachute out of his bag threw the parachute straps over a metal rafter and began having the men train using their body weight to the depth of the vector to train their muscles and they became amazingly strong. Not only did they train their muscles, but they were able to build an incredibly strong core," Ridgeway explained.

You won't find parachutes in this studio, but a metal pole anchored into the floor with straps and handles suspended from it. You use handles to create resistance using your own body weight. You get that resistance training by placing your hands and feet in these handles. At Melt Body Mind Studio, regular men and women are getting the benefits every day. "This has changed every form of my body. I've tried everything. I have had a personal trainer. I have seen the results, but a woman wants shape to her body. I am getting core now. I am strengthening my body. I am doing crazy things I have never in my life pictured doing. It's been an amazing change," added one student, Nicole Kaczinski.

Many like Kaczinski love the small classes. There are no more than 10 people in each session. "Our trainers are able to work with anybody regardless of their age or their weight. TRX can be done by anybody and the exercises can be modified to any fitness level whether you are 400 lbs or 100 lbs or age 70 or 17 or a man or a woman," said Ridgeway.

Another student, Carolyn Negley, said, "TRX has been more transformative I believe. I definitely see more results in a faster time than other forms of exercise."

One of Ridgeway's most faithful students is the typical student who you would expect. She's 72-year-old Judy Nease and she is making tremendous strides. "It has done an awful lot for me in strengthening my core and also in helping my balance. It's great. It really is great," added Judy Nease.

Biza Quattlebaum Mabry fell in love with TRX a few months after taking just one class. She is now a pro -- one of the trainers. While she has noticed changes in her own body, she is most excited about the progress her clients are making. "Just seeing people able to do things that they weren't able to do before it makes me feel like I am giving back and helping people achieve their fitness goals and it is awesome. I love it," she said.

On Thursday on THE News at 6, I will tell you more about the woman behind TRX Suspension Training in Savannah and why she takes helping people reach their fitness goals so personally.

Check out Melt Body Mind Studio's website and Facebook page for more details about TRX Suspension Training.

Melt Body Mind Studio is located at 539B E. Liberty St. in Savannah. They can be reached at 912.596.7450.

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