Top Teacher: Bynikini Frazier

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Sometimes teaching runs in the family, like Hodge Elementary School Teacher Bynikini Frazier.

She's a product of the Savannah-Chatham School District and started her own education in the same school where she now teaches.

"I remember as a student here at hodge in fifth grade deciding I wanted to be a teacher and from then on strived to become that," said Frazier.

Bynikini Frazier remembers when she was a student here at Hodge Elementary school with a passion for dance Ms. Frazier went on to graduate from the Savannah Arts Academy.

"I've been able to take that talent and use that here in creative dance with the children," said Frazier.

The University of Georgia came next for Bynikini and with her teaching degree she's working hard everyday to accomplish her goal with a classroom room of her own here at Hodge.

"It means the world it really has come as a surprise but I think if God could give me a gift this has to be the greatest gift to come back to school that has helped shape and mold me to what I am,"said Frazier.

Principal Donna Myers says Ms. Frazier is a natural educator.

"This is her destiny she is just a fabulous teacher to watch her in the classroom to know she's a second year teacher," said Myers.

"I am going to be doing this a long time this is something I've wanted to do and I am born to do and i don't see me stopping anytime soon," said Frazier.

With a clear understanding of what the children of today are facing and the importance of education in their lives Ms. frazier brings technology into the classroom.

"That's what it's about, making learning come alive so the children can remember," said Frazier.

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