Screven customers wait on hard-working crews to restore power

By Dal Cannady - bio | email

SYLVANIA, GA (WTOC) - EMC power crews in Screven County spent Wednesday riding the roads and looking above for problems. On Roughrider Road, a medium sized limb had knocked out power to 25 houses before the team could knock it loose.

"We've had miles of line knocked off, way back to the substations," said crew foreman Tommy Lane. " We have 3,000 miles of lines in seven counties."

He said few people realize the weight of snow and ice on the lines, possibly as much as 500 pounds from one pole to another.  That strain forced them to replace wires or connections or both in many places . Since Monday night, they've gotten the main feeder lines restored and are working back out to neighborhoods as quickly as possible.

On Old Poor Robin Lane, Linda Lee and her husband have used generators to cook and stay warm but had to take them to Sylvania Wednesday to have them repaired.

"I think just about everybody in Screven, Jenkins, and Burke counties were out so they're doing as best they could," she said.

Lane said the problem has been that they don't have any one collosal problem to fix. It has been dozens or hundreds of small ones, scattered across remote rural roads.

Lane hoped they could get everyone restored by Wednesday night. But the Red Cross said they'll keep a shelter open at the First Baptist Church of Sylvania for the ones who don't have power.

"There's no need to tough it out with no heat. There's no reason. Come on down. We're here to help you," assured Donna Lee of the American Red Cross.

Betty Yontz stayed in the shelter Tuesday night and waited there until she heard her power was back on.

"I know they can't get to everybody at once and they're doing the best they can," she said.

Crews said no one wants to get the outage over with and get out of the cold anymore than them.

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