National Kids Day

When you hit the stores for tax free shopping this weekend, you might want to think about taking your children with you. Sunday is National Kids Day, a day parents are urged to spend meaningful time with their kids, doing something other than watching television.

A new study says when parents don't spend enough time with their children, it can have a negative affect on both their health and happiness.

"Do things with them, go places with them," advised Dr. Alvin Poussaint of Harvard University. "Take them on trips. Make time so that they have those special moments with their child, getting to know them."

Physical activity, like walking or playing ball, can help create a bond. Eating as a family is another way. You can actually participate in a survey to find out if you're spending enough quality time with your child. Click the link to the left to view and print it.

Reported by: Nicole MacMillan,