Did your zodiac change?

By Lora Chance - email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A new astrology report suggesting the signs of the zodiac are wrong due to changes in the earth's alignment has gone viral.

"Change scares me. I don't fit into the profile for Aquarius. I'm a pisces thru and thru!," read one Facebook post Friday.

Thousands of Facebook and Twitter users posted their concerns.

"This comes up every few years," said former NASA consultant, Chuck Watson. "What's different this time is it's been a huge explosion with social networking and our internet activity. These kinds of stories take off and go absolutely wild."

Watson said the constellations have been shifting for thousands of years.

"The earth is kind of like a spinning top so it wobbles every now and then," he said. "The constellations that astrologers use haven't been right for about 2,500 years. In fact, they use the ancient Babylonian constellations so our modern ones that we call Scorpio or Acquarius weren't even used in the early days of astrology."

Watson described astrology as a pseudoscience because it has no scientific basis.

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