Coming up on THE News: Fire victims displaced

Here are stories WTOC is working on: Evan Johnson is following up on a fire that displaced nearly 20 families at Georgetown Crossings Apartment Homes.

Ga. Tech Savannah students volunteered as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Brooke Kelley has more details.

Christy Hutchings was in downtown Savannah for the Martin Luther King Jr. parade. She'll have a full wrap up.

Lynda Figueredo talked to children who were out at the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build site in Beaufort. Jaime Dailey was at the site when rapper Xzibit visited with the crew.

The city of Beaufort is celebrating its 300th birthday with a party on Monday. The event has been moved to the University of South Carolina-Beaufort Performing Arts Center on Carteret Street in downtown Beaufort.

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The WTOC News Team