Teens inspire Home Makeover volunteers with song

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - While there are a lot of volunteers doing their part at the Exreme Makeover: Home Edition site in Beaufort, there are two teens who came out to support the build through song.

Elizabeth Mandell and Taylor Damude from Walters Edge Church played their guitars and sang a song they wrote about the Extreme Makeover from the sidelines of the build site. The song is about the sacrifices the Dickinson family has made for our country and how they will be coming home soon thanks to the many volunteers who helped make their dreams come true.

"I was just sitting at my house one day and thinking about the whole situation with the home improvement stuff. It just came to me and I got this feeling and the words started coming out of me," Taylor Damude told WTOC.

"It's the one thing we can do. I'm not old enough to help and we do this all the time and it's cool that we can do something," Elizabeth Mandell added.

The teens say they came out to inspire all those who are working to build the dream home.

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