Returning Troops Remember Fallen Soldiers

Many of these families have been waiting for their soldiers to return from Iraq for almost a year. People like Rachelle Blackwell whose fiancee first laid eyes on their daughter on Cotrell field.

"I'm excited that he's actually holding her and spending time with her. Now he will watch her grow up," said Rachelle Blackwell.

While many families celebrated the gift of life, others are mourned the loss of the dozens of soldiers killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"It took me a couple of days to come here and pay respects to my friend who got shot in Operation Iraqi Freedom", said Sgt. Tim Cox of the Third Infantry Division.

His friend was Spec.Gregory Sanders, a soldier in Sgt. Cox's unit. Spec.Sanders was killed by a sniper when the war began.

"He was really funny. He did his job as a soldier. He was probably the best I had," continued Cox.

Sgt. Tim Cox returned from Iraq himself a few days ago, and he says even though Spec. Sanders didn't come home with him, he is always in his heart.

"It's something that changed me and my unit. He touched a lot of people. His loss was a shock to all of us," continued Cox.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,