In SITE -- Staying High & Dry & Safe Through Our Summer Storms

Our summer storms are coming fast and furious these days, and can be very dangerous. Obviously, you want to keep an ear on Pat Prokop's Doppler Max 11 forecast, but there's more you need to know just in case you get caught in the rain.

For most of us the rain's been inconvenient. But these storms can turn deadly in a heartbeat. This site is doing double duty for us tonight. It's the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Inland Flooding page. The idea is to warn folks who live miles from the ocean that hurricanes can flood them out as well, it's not just people on the beach. Here's a pretty graphic reminder, a downtown skyscraper skyline turned into waterfront property. If the pictures don't do it, how about some cold hard facts. Floods kill way more people than any other part of a tropical system. That's freshwater flooding, not the storm surge or waves at the beach. So what do we do? Start with a list of common sense tips about listening for warnings and coming up with plans.

Here's a big concern in our area about driving across water. Did you know your car will probably float in as little as six inches of water? if it's a foot deep. And there's a little current even just toward the storm drain, it can sweep your car right off the road. If you have any doubt, take their low water crossing tour. I'd recommend a fast connection if you're going to play the videos, they're minimized for download speeds, and short but shocking. Imagine being this dad, his pickup caught in the flood, frantic to get his baby boy to safety. A lot less dramatic, but probably very helpful, check out the pre- storm checklist that might save your home and everything in it the next time the clouds open up.