Coming up on THE News at Daybreak: Leaders leave for Savannah-Chatham Day

The Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting it's annual "Savannah-Chatham Day" at the state capital. local leaders will talk face-to-face with state lawmakers, letting them know what our communities need. Our Lynda Figueredo will be there as leaders head off this morning.

The search for the next Savannah City Manager is now down to two candidates, but not before a very heated a council meeting. Hear why some council members say the hiring process has been flawed.

South Carolina budget hearings are continuing in Columbia with the university system and the arts programs on the chopping block. But supporters of those programs say they need to stay. We'll let you hear their arguments this morning on THE News.

Hearings will continue today to help set annual fish catching limits off our coast by the end of this year. The meetings are going on across the southeast with one in Chatham County. Tune in this morning to find out where you need to go to have your voice heard.

Drug enforcement agents make a huge marijuana bust in two different counties. We'll tell you how much they found and where.

And - Temperatures are starting to creep into the 50s and 60s during the day, but will that trend continue. Meteorologist Dave Turley will be along with your exclusive Doppler Max 11 forecast.

What will the roads look like for your morning commute? Our traffic guru Mark Robertson will be here to tell us and try again to stump Mike, Jenn & Dave.

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