Volatile kerosene warning issued

ATLANTA – Kerosene on or after Jan. 18 from several Kangaroo any of eight locations throughout north Georgia not to use the products in their kerosene heaters or lamps, according to a warning issued by Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black.

During a routine inspection, Georgia Department of Agriculture's Fuel & Measures Division inspectors discovered contaminated kerosene on Jan. 25 at Kangaroo #3315 located at 615 East Spring St. in Monroe.

The pump was locked at the Monroe location and, as an immediate precaution, pumps were locked at all other stores who received fuel from the same carrier, according to the Agriculture Commissioner's Office.

Seven other Kangaroo locations have been found with contaminated kerosene:

#3304 located at 2640 Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville
#3313 located at 3951 State Highway 365, Alto
#3319 located at 301 North Main St., Cleveland
#3340 located at 78 South Main St., Cleveland
#3325 located at 634 Christmas Ave., Bethlehem
#3341 located at 1334 Atlanta Highway. NW, Auburn
#3349 located at 18 Hwy. 72 East, Comer

Contaminated kerosene has the potential to cause an explosion or fire if used in home heaters or lamps.

Anyone who purchased kerosene at any of these locations on or after Jan. 18 should not use the kerosene and should return it for reimbursement, according to the Agriculture Commissioner's Office.

The pumps will stay locked at these eight Kangaroo stores until the tank and lines have been cleaned and new shipments have been tested and approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

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