InSITE--Reality TV On The 'Web!

Are you glued to the TV when "Cupid" comes on? Dying for another "Survivor?" You should check out Reality News On Line. It's one of the most amazing fan sites I've seen. If you have the least little interest in any reality television, this is the place for you. Start with a couple of warnings. It's covered with ads, some of them actually hawking relevant items, like DVD's of your favorite shows or T-shirts and mugs, so hide the credit cards. You also might want to check it WITH your kids if they're into reality TV, since it's not always family friendly. Warnings aside, it's sort of like a news site covering reality shows you might have missed, with lots of details and opinions. Just scroll down for the latest headlines. They change as often as the casts and challenges.

If you have a favorite show and want to check in or relive the moments, there's a long index of nearly every reality show there is, going all the way back to the original "Survivor" with some surprising behind the scenes stuff that all wound up in court. Not "The People's Court," either.

Have you heard the buzz about some reality show, but don't know when to catch it? There's a reality show calendar to get you through the week.

If the shows on TV aren't enough, you know you can subscribe and watch some like "Big Brother" twenty- four- hours a day, seven days a week. Well, here's another surprise. Somebody on Reality's paying, watching, and writing summaries so you won't miss a thing. Be careful, since they're watching all the time, they do give away secrets BEFORE they turn up on your regularly scheduled episode.

Here's one thing I didn't want you to miss. A related site for folks who aren't always big fans of the shows or certain people on them. Here's the "Hall of Shame" highlighting the worst moments of the shows, and some of the worst behavior of the contestants. Again, no holds barred, and not for the faint of heart.

Once you've read all that, think you can do it better? They solicit writers who watch the shows, asking them to contribute. There's no money involved, but it could get you started in reality writing.