North Garden City residents air concerns at council meeting

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - With a focus on the Southbridge annexation and the Port, many living in north Garden City say they've been forgotten about.

Neighbors had a chance to vent their concerns to the City Council and city manager at a meeting Monday night.

The city manager said because there is no property tax, they rely on grant money for many projects and when the money is not available parts of the city, like Rossignol Hill, may suffer.

But people who live there said they are the face of Garden City and should be a priority.

"When people of Savannah and surrounding areas think of Garden City, they see this community, this side; Highway 21 and its neighboring community and its not a good picture so we want to change that," said Rev. Gary Monroe of the Garden City Homestead Association.

The city manager said they're working on a number of programs to clean up the area, including a federal one that renovates foreclosed homes.

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