Beaufort International Film Festival preparing for debut

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BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Beaufort will be back in the spotlight for the Beaufort International Film Festival, where organizers hope filmmakers will again see all of the area's southern charm. The festival is just weeks away, and they have received more than 200 entries. Three of the finalists are from Beaufort and one is from Savannah.

Beaufort Film Festival Executive Director Ron Tucker, named a few movies that were filmed in the area: "Forest Gump," "The Big Chill," "Prince of Tides," "G.I. Jane," "Rules of Engagement," and "Forces of Nature."

The film festival started six years ago as a way to attract filmmakers to the area with the hopes they will choose Beaufort as a location for upcoming films.

"They'll come and hopefully come back to film their motion picture here one day," added Tucker.

"It's a real pleasure to be a finalist in the Beaufort Festival, this is my hometown, this is where I live," said Michael Givens, writer, director and cinemotographer for "Angel Camouflaged".

"It's a story about a woman, Rock and Roll singer who falls on hard times, gets involved with drugs and alcohol and gives up on the business," Givens said. "She then inherits a run-down bar in the salt marshes of South Carolina but she and her brother face some obstacles."

"This is a great venue for promoting your film because this particular festival really cares about the filmmakers," he added.

Beaufort resident Michael Hudson and his partner will be sharing "Sea Island Secrets: A Journey Through Time". The film is a documentary following archaelogists as they explore the South Carolina Sea Island development spanning 5,000 years.

"It started in '95 when I bought a fish camp island by Harbour Island and Hunting Island and doing necessary repair work we would find Indian Artifacts, pottery, Conch shell," said Gibbs McDowell, producer for "Sea Island Secrets".

"It opened up a new sense for me as for how old and undiscovered, unwritten history and it sparked a new interest in me," said Mike Hudson, director for "Sea Island Secrets".

The third entry from Beaufort is called "The Scarlet Registry" submitted by Teresa Bruce.

Synopsis from the Beaufort International Film Festival:

A cruise ship dancer who can't even figure out that sandbags don't work without sand is accused of molesting his teenage daughter. But when he's listed on the Internet Sex Offender Registry, Zack isn't the only one forced to wear the modern-day Scarlet Letter - his wife and children suffer just as much. On the eve of a hurricane, Zack protects his family first, then makes a suicidal run for freedom - finding redemption in anonymity.

A film from Savannah was entered into the short film category, "Antigones Song" submitted by executive producer and director Eric Nauert.

Synopsis from the Beaufort International Film Festival:

Against the will of her tribe of water seekers, Antigone struggles to bury her murdered brother, in this post-apocalyptic musical western based loosely on the myth of Antigone.

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