Richmond Hill could face water rate hike

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - A proposal has been made to raise the monthly water rates for residents of Richmond Hill. City Council heard the proposal during their meeting Tuesday night.

In all, most residents would see about a $2 increase a month. That extra cash would go towards expanding the Elbow Swamp wastewater plant and fixing up other sewage pump stations.

It's not their first choice of action, but it's an effective one.

"We hate to raise rates on anyone, everyone's in a tight, a lot of people on fixed incomes. We just hate to see people having to pay more for their water, but we're in a bind. We've got to expand the waste water treatment plant, even if we don't grow anymore, we've got to expand it just to meet with what we've got," said Richmond Hill Mayor Harold Fowler.

These are still just proposals and would take place over three years time.

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