Coming up on THE News at Daybreak: Possible rate hike in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill City Council is considering a proposal that would change your monther water rates. Here what the plan is and where it stands, this morning on THE News.

The Georgia Legislative session is in full swing. We'll have a rundown of some of the bills being considered.

Cuts to South Carolina's welfare system are hitting some families hard. We'll let you hear what they have to say this morning.

The Georgia Department of Labor is cracking down on people trying to draw unemployment benefits illegally. We'll show you what they're doing.

It's Groundhog Day! Will Punxutawney Phil see his shadow? Tune in this morning as we look in live at the world's most famous prognosticator.

Temperatures are starting to creep into the 50s and 60s during the day, but will that trend continue. Meteorologist Dave Turley will be along with your exclusive Doppler Max 11 forecast.

What will the roads look like for your morning commute? Our traffic guru Mark Robertson will be here to tell us and try again to stump Mike, Jenn & Dave.  Plus - What's warm, soft, and red? A WTOC Snuggle Me of course. And you can win one this morning on THE News at Daybreak. Be sure to tune into traffic and trivia.

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